We Trun Your Ideas into Products

More than just product development for startups — validate your idea, build an MVP in weeks, grow your product and get on track to profitability.

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What do we do?

We build microstartups for fun and profit and help founders validate and build products fast.

As you focus on the business we provide you with the tools and solutions you need to grow rapidly and at scale.

We are not an IT company, we are serial founders ourselves that enjoy creating and growing digital businesses like yours and that's why we undrestand your needs.

Here is how we work together..


We listen and understand your idea, business's needs and aspirations.


We make sure we are aligned with your vision and goals to pick the best track of action.


We brainstorm, prototype and discuss with you the best solutions for your needs and clarify the pros and cons of each alternative.


We build and deliver what we envisioned together and Iterate from there to quickly satisfy any discovered needs.

Things we can do for you

Idea Stage

Vet and shape your startup idea using different frameworks so that you de-risk and avoid many of the early stage pitfalls.

In 2 workshops you will:

Evaluate idea and define risks.
Define suitable business models.
Set goals for target users.
Define Validation/MVP strategy.
Define marketing channels.

Traction Stage

Build your products from Validation stages (MVP) to Production in one to three months. Executing what we defined in the Idea stage.

Key work include:

Product development.
Fast incremental releases.
Best tech stack (code/no-code).
React to user behavior & metrics.
Pivot your way to success.

Scale Up

Grow up your product's traction, reach higher levels of profitability and prepare for fund raising if needed.

Key work includes:

Product planning.
Growth strategy.
Automations and integrations.
Key metrics improvement.
Fund raising support.

Equity Based Development

Tight on funds? If you got an idea that meets our appetite for business, We’ll make you an equity-based offer you cannot resist.

More on our process

What is an MVP?

A minimum viable product is a version of a product with just enough features (core one or two features) to be usable by early customers who can then provide feedback for future product development. A focus on releasing an MVP means that developers potentially avoid lengthy and unnecessary work.

What do I get as a result of idea validation?

The most important thing you get is getting de-risk or validate assumptions. Objective product data such as CTR, CPC, cost of trial period gives you quick knowledge about your future product. Maybe you should slightly change your vision? Maybe you should target different segements.

What is ready-to-scale product?

This is the next phase after validating an MVP. It normally takes 2-3 months to launch and typically includes a few intermediate launches. It might still rely on a number of no-code, low-code or simple automations, but the amount of the custom development increases to improve the customer experience and product quality.

Why do we launch MVPs and full products fast?

The first thing we do is we take a few days to understand the business idea and help to define one-two key features to launch. After this we define the shortest path to product launch, we use our pre-built functionality as much as possible.

What startup companies do we work with?

We partner with startup companies that have a startup business vision, understand how product management works (metrics, hypothesis, user testing, etc.), are ready to fundraise, and share "build in public” attitude.

Let's Build Together

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